Welcome to the Captain's Daughter

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Welcome to the Captain's Daughter

Post  Mojo Turbo on Wed May 04, 2011 7:04 pm

Welcome to the Captain's Daughter!
Here be the place to trade loot for booty and back again. Trades, sales, barters and otherwise goods and services swaping hands.
Due to the nature of high spirits and merriment, it's rightly possible this establishment can get darn near ugly, real quick.

So let's open up the code and see what the guidelines be...

Items here can be listed with 3 topic headers:

FOR SALE: (use this at the front of your topic to indicate that this thread is for a sale item)
WANTED: (use this at the front of your topic to indicate that you are looking for a particular item)
AUCTION: (use this to alert the crew that you have posted an auction.)

In the body of your text, the rest is up to you, type out as little or as much as you want, the only other thing we would like from you is either: a date when the auction will be closed or some sort of timeline....


a final post from you indicating to the Pirate Lords that your thread can be closed. Something like, "Hey, my item sold, can you close this thread?" A Moderator will see your post and toss it into the mouth of the Kraken.

Also note, this will probably be the home for all of the vendors and retailers that visit this site. If you want to talk wares, you should check this area first. The Jack Costuming section will revert to an area where the discussion will be strictly about "scratch building" costume effects.

All right then?

Well drag yourself up to the bar and have some cackle fruit and a black jack on the house! We are open for business!

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Re: Welcome to the Captain's Daughter

Post  Captain McCool on Wed May 04, 2011 7:06 pm

Great idea, cap'n!
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