MWE&D Adventures of Captain Jack: ACME RINGS SET COMPLETE **FINALLY**

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MWE&D Adventures of Captain Jack: ACME RINGS SET COMPLETE **FINALLY**

Post  Captain Matt on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:15 am

Ahoy Mates!  And a fine sea worthy day to ye!  Jolly Roger

Just recently, I received my ACME Button and Stolen Rings to add to the glorious Dragon and Skull specimans!

Each of them is exquisite in their own right!  I have worn the Button and Stolen rings daily for the last week to test out the tarnishing issue and honestly, it is not going to be an issue at all for me!  Being a former cadet at an Army military college, gone thru Army and Navy OCS and spending 5 years as an Officer in the US NAVY, and having had to shine ALOT of brass as a result, I rather enjoy the nightly/daily maintenance of keeping them looking as they should (two of the only current "shiny" pieces our weathered Captain dawns each morning after eating his pigs feet and cabbage)!  And as much jewelry as I wear (rings in particular are one of my passion), these rings are certainly spectacular additions to that collection!  They may not be perfect, however, they are what the prop rings imagine being... in their dreams!  

The rings truly have an AURA about them that will make you feel those Pirates Super Powers Active  -FORM OF... A SEA CONQURING, LUTING, PILAGING, DISHONSTLEY HONEST JACK SPARROW - or there should be A CAPTAIN in there somewhere - Wonder your heart out!

Needless to say I am extremely pleased and have, offered up a number of photos below of the 2 latest additions and the lot of said series of ACME's art - a few with explanations!

My ring just out of the package!  Other than having to clean up a bit of glue remnants around the edge where the brass and the resin center meet - it just gleamed and gleams brighter still!

A fitting piece of Treasure!

Comparing my MR BR to the ACME  - there really is no comparing them - the ACME is to the Pearl what the MR is to the dinghy!

The weight and feel of the ACME ring is noticeable in this photo that shows just how thick the band is on this impressive specimen!  It truly is a rare and gorgeous piece of art work!

My Stolen Ring right out of the package!  A simple and powerful statement only the romans could originally create!  Stone (RESIN) is a bit round vs oblong like the original - however - it simply blows away anything other SR out there - other than screen used versions and the one that is in the hands of the bastard that stole it from the set!


My Coveted Series!

Natural Sunlight - they truly come alive!

A Special Collection - worth the wait and one I highly recommend experiencing - Thanks Richard!

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