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Simple but effective!! Empty Simple but effective!!

Post  Blade Savvy on Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:33 pm


I know, I know, but no matter how I took them, they just didn't show the result to its best effect!

Some may recall I had some 'temporary' breeches made (brown in colour) with the intent of weathering the backside(!) out of them. Well, long story short, a simple experiment (and I suspect some of you hardened costumers are already aware of it!), dissolved some common sea salt into warm water and let the trousers soak for half an hour. Removed them, wrung them once by hand then pegged them on the line in the Cyprus sun for the day. Faded or what! and not even the hottest time of year! Only about 25C. Great result....and sorry the pics are just not worth it.
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